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LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn marketing is not only for job seekers or CEO’s of any big Company. Nowadays Small businesses Owners are using LinkedIn to find new customers and improve sales of their products.


Here are 5 simple steps to get you started on LinkedIn:


Start with your personal LinkedIn profile


Instead of simply listing your experience, use your LinkedIn profile to tell the story of your professional life. Write your business details in such a way that it can attract other businessmen to do work with you. When it comes to contacts, quality bests quantity. Request your contacts to write recommendations that describe why they choose anyone. Next, move on to your company profile.


Use brand Name and Logo in your Company profile


Anyone can build a website and advertise their brand name, but a LinkedIn marketing company profile gives you credibility. Ensure you make use of the same company name in the current employment section of your personal profile and your company user profile to link the two.

Use your logo as your profile picture as well as fill in all of the available boxes to build a solid profile, including founding day, company size and industry. Craft a message that accurately describes your company, your goals and what you have to offer your customers.



Invite your contacts and customers to follow you


Invite your own personal LinkedIn contacts who have worked with your business to follow your company, and add a LinkedIn follow button to your company website and email signature. If you Get LinkedIn Followers more your company profile will be more visible.



Update your organization status at least weekly


Status updates help you get on the radar of new customers. Post status updates about up- coming events, company news, product sales or any other information that will grab your followers.


All above tasks needs more time to get followers. There is another simple way, you can Buy LinkedIn Followers for your company profile to increase its visibility and improve sales.